EA-STD-037 Business Intelligence Software

Architectural Classification

Technology \ Application

Standard Specification

The ability to make timely and effective decisions is considerably enhanced based on access to a multitude of data entities that exist within our organisation.  Data analytics software provides the ability to extract the required information and present to the audience in a meaningful and intuitive way allowing real-time views on many aspects of the organisations performance.  The selection of the right tools here can be a real strategic differentiator.


Baseline (Today) Emerging (To track)
  • Dynistics
  • Business Objects



  • Other emerging best of breed application technologies


Tactical (0-3 years) Strategic (3-6 years)
  • Dynistics
  • Business Objects
  • Enterprise Service Bus \ Data Warehouse
  • Other emerging best of breed application technologies
  • Enterprise Service Bus \ Data Warehouse
Retirement (to be removed) Containment (No new development)


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September 2014



Review Date: October 2015

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