Phishing Line

Please find below a safe viewing area that covers the recent phishing attacks encountered by users’ at Plymouth University. It is anticipated that a rolling one years’ worth of emails are to be presented here.

The following emails have been reproduced in a pictorial form with the links highlighted for evidence.
For information on how to identify Phishing Emails, please refer to this SEC-GDL-005-Anatomy of a Phishing Email document.

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26/01/2018 13:33Welcome AmazonPrimeMemberFree thingsAmazon Prime

Date Subject Line Main Theme Safe Viewing Link
30/08/2018 10:05 Online File Transfer Notification A Document has been sent via OneDrive Document sent via OneDrive
10/01/2018 14:55 Delivery Failure Undelivered mail Plymouth Message Delivery

11/12/2017 21:20 Profile inquiry started Payment verification Profile inquiry started
04/12/2017 12:06 Email Undelivered Notifications Low Space Email Undelivered Notifications
22/11/2017 05:09 Office 365 Email Modification Account Suspension Email Modification
20/11/2017 06:34 DVLA Notice E Ticket DVLA Notice
10/11/2017 11:16 Office 365 Support Support Ticket Office 365 Support
24/10/2017 08:19 Plymouth University Police Department Police situation Plymouth University Police Department
10/10/2017 13:50 Status of invoice A2177221-65 Invoice Status of invoice
06/09/2017 15:51 You have receive a confidential document Important document Important document
28/07/2017 12:30 IT ALERT: Unidentified Sign-in Detected On Your Account Password Change IT Alert
21/06/2017 16:31 New Security Updates Attempting to obtain University account details New Security Updates
21/06/2017 12:21 Outlook Web App for Staff Attempting to obtain University account details Outlook Web App for Staff
20/06/2017 14:39 TV Licence Attempting to obtain credit card information TV Licence
19/06/2017 05:50 Email Update Attempting to obtain University email account credentials Email Update
06/06/2017 03:59 Tax Rebate Monetary incentive Tax Rebate
29/05/2017 08:31 New Outlook Web App New Webmail Service New Outlook Web App
24/05/2017 09:43 Faculty & Staff Notification New Webmail Service Faculty & Staff Notification
18/05/2017 21:06 Your Salary Increase Documents Attempting to obtain University email account credentials Your Salary Increase Documents
11/05/2017 14:48 ICT Service Desk Attempting to obtain University email account credentials ICT Service Desk
11/05/2017 14:48 Your Facebook account was blocked Account suspension Facebook account blocked
10/04/2017 09:56 Staff News! Attempting to obtain University email account credentials Staff News!
10/04/2017 00:27 New Payroll Information Attempting to obtain University email account credentials New Payroll Information
01/04/2017 13:08 Violation of Spam Policy Attempting to obtain University email account credentials Violation of Spam Policy
28/03/2017 17:44 Information Concerning You Attempting to infect computer Information Concerning You
25/03/2017 06:31 Netflix Membership Incentive to provide details Netflix Membership
02/2017 HR Pay Rise Incentive to provide details HR Pay Rise

20/12/2016 08:47 TV Licensing Refund pending. (ID Ticket#:46454) Refund Notification TV Licensing Refund
12/12/2016 09:55 You still have an outstanding vehicle tax refund (Ticket Ref#:17702) Refund Notification Vehicle Tax Refund
01/06/2016 09:30 RE: IT Services Maintenance Notice, Wednesday, 1 June Maintenance and IT System Alerts IT Service Maintenance Notice
01/06/2016 ActionFraud release details of a targeted phishing campaign against students surrounding an educational grant from the Department of Education
24/03/2016 BBC releases details of two current phishing scams supposedly coming from TalkTalk and Argos Watchdog Wednesday – two clever new scams
23/03/2016 01:57 Plymouth Account Verification Service Virus notification Account Verification
17/02/2016 13:05 Fw: Dear Cruise Passenger- Please help me find out why you TIPS! Survey Passenger Survey
09/02/2016 07:54 RE: IT Service Help Desk Upgrade account IT Service Help Desk
19/01/2016 11:40 Chaps Payment Request for wire transfer Chaps Payment
14/01/2016 13:31 Request Request for wire transfer Request
12/01/2016 15:36 Apple and iCloud Suspension Account suspension Apple and iCloud Suspension

28/12/2015 17:06 Dont forget to claim your gift from Aldi Free gift Free Gift
21/12/2015 17:06 Your Gift From Argos Free Gift Free Gift
17/12/2015 17:50 Quota Limit Mailbox quota Quota Limit
06/12/2015 17:50 We’re investigating your unauthorised PayPal transaction… Unauthorised transaction Unauthorised transaction
26/11/2015 07:08 Employee & Staff Notice Upgrade account Employee & Staff Notice
20/11/2015 10:07 IT’S Service Desk Upgrade account IT’S Service Desk
03/11/2015 08:23 RE: help desk Upgrade account RE: help desk

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