Game based student revision

This project will give students the opportunity to test each other’s knowledge on medicine and dentistry. Students will create multiple choice questions which other students can answer and record whether it was a useful and accurate question. Based on a scoring system the accurate questions will get put into an area within the application. Whereas new unanswered/inaccurate questions (inaccurate questions marked by the students) will remain in a separate area in the application, which can be updated and rated again. After a while a clear average will determine good from bad questions.

The  main aim from this project is to help students learn on the go in a more sociable and enjoyable manner.

This project would include:

  • Offering students the ability to learn on the go
  • Provide a framework to enable adaptive learning – i.e. after a lecture, students could quiz each other specifically on one topic. Content is not set in stone and would evolve.
  • Distance learning – test each other anywhere with an internet connection (offline usage could be future development)

The project is funded by the HEA and is led by Robert Hart from TELMeD.

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