Open Wide and Step Inside! The story of your teeth

The project aims to develop an innovative oral care educational experience, which includes three parts:

1) a 3-D film  where participants will be able to ‘experience’ the story of teeth from inside the mouth using this powerful concept developed for the “Immersive Vision Theatre” (IVT) at Plymouth University (fixed), as well as a similar unique traveling “go-dome” theatre. Both the IVT and the “go-dome” are digital theatres in which viewers are immersed in 3D imagery projected onto the hemispherical dome; and

2) an oral care lesson plan and related collateral, which incorporates all aspects of the importance of looking after your teeth; and

3) using these resources, dentists will go out into the Plymouth community, especially focusing on the disadvantaged areas, to provide oral care classes in the communities, including at the CHICKS retreat camps.

This project will be led by the Peninsula Dental School and other University staff along with the TELMeD team.

More later 🙂

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