Interactive Comic Book – Prioritising user feedback to fuel future developments

Following a few meetings to discuss progress and future developments, the decision has been taken to start gathering some early feedback from the project. There are a few key areas we want to target some basic gaming elements for this resource in order for the content to be as absorbing as possible and therefore engage the user effectively.

So before progressing further with the previous development, we have taken a step back with regards to animation and interaction with a view of gathering feedback as to what the user expects. So we can then target these features more heavily in the final developed resource to make it more successful.

For future reference we have split the development into two main stages:

Stage 1 – Create basic level resource with all content and gather feedback.

Stage 2 – Create a fully interactive game based resource with targeted interactive features based on feedback from stage 1.

Developing something for stage 1 was not very time consuming when using a rapid development tool. See below screenshot of stage 1:

stage 1 prototype

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