Event Date: July 23, 2014Stakeholders-high

Location – Copthorne hotel Plymouth (Buckland Suite)

A joint free event hosted by CAMERA, TELMeD and Learning Layers exploring designing and supporting development of tools to support individual, team and cross-organisational learning.

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09:00 Welcome and introduction
09:15 Learning Layers Introduction – Overview of the project, its aims and work plans
09:30 Informal Learning in GP Practices – The current picture – Report on the findings of the year 1 research with individuals working in GP Practices and early results from year 2 research on networks that support learningTools use for learning in Primary Care
10:00 Round Table Discussions with facilitatorsCurrent practice – Q1 Do these findings match your experiences? Any significant differences?Q2 What (learning) networks are you involved in & how do these support you?Q3 How do you currently use apps and technology to support your learning?
10:30 Report back from each table
10:45 Coffee/tea
11:00 Learning Layers Informal Learning Story – Presentation of a typical (potential) learning scenario in Primary Care, identifying links to issues that were highlighted earlier in the day
11:10 Exploring Learning Layers Design Ideas and Prototype ToolsYour opportunity to find out more about design ideas and tools associated with the Learning Layers project. There will be separate tables (each with a facilitator) for each of the tools listed below and people will have 12-15 minutes to spend on each table – seeing a demo of the tool, playing with the tool, talking to the facilitator about the tool.
12:10 Placing the Learning Layers tools in the story – Quick overview of how each of the tools fit within and support the learning in the learning story
12:15 Feedback on tools – Whole Group Discussion

  • Which of these tools are of most interest to you and where you think they could provide support
  • What additions would you make to these tools?
  • A chance to raise any questions that were not addressed at the tables themselves
12:50 Appraisal and Assessment of informal learning (Group activity)

  • If and how such learning (once captured) could be assessed as part of the formal appraisal process
  • Do some of the tools demonstrated earlier fulfil such requirements?
  • If so how and if not what can be done?
13:15 Closing Remarks followed by Lunch
14:15 For those who can stay – a chance for more informal discussions about collaborative opportunities

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