IVT project feedback

Yesterday’s feedback session with Wrigley’s associates and children seemed to be a success overall. The project still has some way to go with some technical glitches still persisting but overall the feedback we got was very positive with the majority of children reporting they ‘really liked the film’. We had some ‘didn’t likes’ which gives us some room for improvement and at least confirms they were being honest! 🙂

The main feedback to work with was:

  1. Fairy’s voice is very quiet – we will be re-recording Daisy’s audio at 9.30am on 21st August
  2. Better lip syncing required for some scenes
  3. Add blinking and more facial expressions
  4. Better scene transitions and continuity needed (e.g show the fairy flying in and out of the mouth)
  5. The fairy should be holding the toothbrush properly during the song
  6. Mouse’s explanation given after the son should come before the song
  7. Clearer bacteria battle (and more variety)
  8. Show bacteria creatures lurking on the teeth
  9. Clarify what the burger/football icons are for in the wrap-up (this scene needs to be realised a bit better to get the key messages across)

Tim is working away furiously on the quiz animations in Maya as I type and hopefully we will have most or all of this addressed in the next few weeks.

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