QuizIt – How to find a question and how keywording/tagging works

There are a few ways to find a question in the app, you can search using any keywords you type much like searching for anything via a website. You can use the QuizMix to be given lots of random questions or you can go to the rated/unrated area and see if there are any questions that match your chosen interests (editable in the preferences area). 

Tip 1: you can tap and hold on any keyword in the app to save it to your interests. Simple.

Tip 2: you can tap on any keyword in the app to go directly to the search area and see if there are other questions for that keyword. Easy.

Tip 3: remember you will only be asked that question once. So don’t expect to find it again afterwards! (unless someone else has created a similar question)

How a question is matched

Each question has its own #keywords, the app makes sure the user creates one unique keyword such as #GeForceGTX980 and also asks they select from a drop down and select from a list of generic terms for that question such as #Technology. This makes questions much more searchable with a combination of unique and generic terms. Something we noticed early on in testing that users with particular niche interests may find it harder to find questions to suit. This doesn’t completely solve the problem, but certainly helps a lot!


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