QuizIt – Rating a question good or bad

Questions in QuizIt automatically provides you with a difficulty rating for questions answered but what about rating questions good or bad instead of difficulty? That can’t be done automatically, at least not yet! Thankfully most mobile app users are accustomed to the thumbs up icon when they ‘like’ something. Not so much a thumbs down icon that QuizIt offers but don’t be afraid! It’s just there just in case…you know, in case there’s an error with the question and you know for sure it’s just not right.

Quizzers don’t have to rate at all! But as an incentive they get some easy bonus QuizPoints just for hitting that thumbs up or thumbs down icon. At this point they can also comment before hitting one of the thumb icons to comment to the author (the questions author will be able to see your comment under the question). The rating functionality is a way of sorting the good eggs from the bad with minimal effort.

You’ll see when you create a question that there’s an orange thumb icon to the left. Once a Quizzer has rated your question, the thumb will go green or red for positive or negative overal rating. You want all your question to be green! If it stays orange and never gets rated it could be because no one has answered your question and might indicate that your choice of keywords needs refining. If the icon goes red then the ¬†question has been poorly received on average and therefore is no longer available to other Quizzers. A reason for this poor rating could be a mistake in the question or the feedback or even that the correct answer was mistakenly incorrect. Something I have done myself, testers made one of my questions go red and straight away I knew ok I’ve done something wrong because everyone loves Toy Story!

See this is a good thing: Hopefully Quizzers will soon gain confidence that through harnessing the power of the crowd. The quality of questions will come through and learning will be fun!

For more information on how a question moves around the app depending on its rating, see blog post titled “QuizIt – life and death of a question“.

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