QuizIt – Life and death of a question

I’ve talked about how a question gets automatically given a difficulty rating, and the importance of rating a question good or bad question with a thumbs up or down… But what difference does it all make in certain areas of the app? Read on…

When a question is first created its kind of in no mans land. We don’t know if it’s an easy or hard question, nor do we know how good or accurate it is. At this point until it has been rated, it can only be found via the search area or in the unrated area (if the Quizzer has specified an interest that matches a #keyword in that question).

Once it has been rated positively or remains positive on average, that question will no longer be in the unrated section but will now be found in the rated section as above. So Quizzers who have yet to answer this question can rest assured that overall it’s well received and can be more confident that it’s accurate as opposed to a somewhat risky unrated question. A positively rated question is also allowed in the QuizMix section. We don’t want to have unrated questions in the QuizMix section!

When a question is poorly received and has more down votes than up votes then it stays with the Quizzer and no one can find it via any section of the app. Not to worry if this happens though, there’s usually a good explanation. The Quizzer simply has to edit the question which resets it’s votes and difficulty where it starts its new life in the unrated area again.

See below workflow diagram which shows what happens once a question has been created…

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