QuizIt – Gamification rules! Here’s what QuizIt has to offer…

Gamification is a term batted around a lot lately. It’s not a game like you’d play on the Playstation, nor is it a quick bit of mind numbing nonsense where you tap here, tap there and here’s some new levels you just unlocked. It’s a term being used to ‘gamify’ learning…generally speaking. Therefore it’s quite common to see serious projects such as this one include gaming elements that help create a hook. These hooks are fun, engaging and provide a way to keep the user coming back for more!

QuizIt utilises a number of gamified elements to aid learning and user engagement:


QuizPoints are the main way to see how one Quizzer (or institution of Quizzers) tally up. These are earned in many ways throughout the app. When you create, rate or answer a question you get more.

Bonus level indicator

This is shown in the profile area of the app and equals the amount of consecutive days you have used the app. As a simple reward it increases by one each day (max 20). It doesn’t look much but it’s involved in every area you can obtain QuizPoints so it’s worth taking note! It gives you extra time to answer questions and it means you get extra points when answering questions. Great!

Other stats and following other Quizzers

Questions answered, rated and created are all shown on your profile area as well as anyone that you follow, follows you or finds you on the leaderboard or search area. Once you have a network of Quizzers to follow, you can then easily keep tabs on who’s doing the best and gain those bragging rights quite easily.


Leaderboards are a sure fire way to provide competition. Here you will be able to see the best of the best for QuizPoints, questions created, rated and answered. You can also compare institutions, so if you are part of a group such as a club or university for example, make sure to enter that in your preferences area to add you stats to the total.

Gambling QuizPoints in QuizMix

QuizMix is probably the most fun way to answer a series of questions in QuizIt. Before each question you are shown only the keywords associated with it along with the difficulty rating. You are then given the ability to gamble QuizPoints if you so wish. Depending how confident you are you can gamble up to 50 QuizPoints per question which is a lot more than answering them individually elsewhere in the app. But be warned you only get one chance to answer each question, unlike elsewhere in the app. At the end of the QuizMix your QuizMix points tally will get added to your QuizPoints, it’s not uncommon to come away with nothing at this point!

Tip: there are no negatives in QuizMix, so if your still on zero points, you may as well gamble the maximum amount for the next question.

Level indicators and progress updates

In your profile area around your profile picture, you’ll see two circles starting to form as you begin using QuizIt. They are not particularly intuitive, but you will start to pay more attention to them the more you use the app! (You can always tap the ? Top right of each area of the app for more information) the outer circle is your current level as a Quizzer. Once you get to level 12 the circle will be complete and you will officially be a QuizIt Champion! Whereas the inner circle represents your progress for your current level, and so will complete much quickly.

Once that inner circle is complete, you have moved up a level and are a step closer to becoming a QuizIt Champion. Each time you level up, you are presented with a short animation.


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