Engaging eLearning series: 5 Highly Effective Strategies For Creating Engaging Elearning

There are many ways to develop eLearning materials, but they all require you to follow general rules to make them effective and to fully engage the user. Todays eLearners are used to using highly polished games, websites, apps and operating systems (be in desktop or mobile). Visuals are very important, they ensure quality and increase trust in what they are using to learn. As well as visual design, useful and meaningful interactions are expect if an eLearning package is to become more useful than a simple static PDF or a Powerpoint presentation. Another benefit of a well designed eLearning package is that the user can be provided with on going feedback and reassurances that they are (or not!) on the right path. We can easily programme ways to check if the user is struggling with a particular area and give hints and tips to highlight weak points and reward them for effort and areas they have done well on. Something Game Based Learning using Gamification methodology has taken a big rise in usage recently and something TELMeD are integrating in certain projects.


The 5 main strategies are…


1/5 Build a compelling visual experience

2/5 Add meaningful interactions

3/5 Let learners pull content

4/5 Engage more users with video

5/5 Add fun gaming elements

These categories are split into 5 separate blog posts, each will be released over the coming week (from 19/11/2015).

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