Engaging eLearning series: 3/5 Let learners pull content

The following areas cover ways to best allow users to go take their own path through learning. As learning is not a linear process. Therefore, we shouldn’t create an eLearning package that is linear and dull. By allowing the user to decide, we can create various challenges and target a wider variety of experience levels. They can then also test their level of knowledge by skipping old content they’ve previously covered but also still maintain control but testing their knowledge and providing feedback to other areas they may not have seen yet.

The Pull Structure

This term is used when creating a way for the user to choose their own way through an eLearning package. A bit like a game where you find out early on what the objectives are and you know you need to acquire certain things along the way and even level up (you could think of levelling up as learning content) before tackling the challenge ahead such as a quiz or some form of engaging interaction. The idea of letting the user pull content is to let them test their knowledge and understanding of the task in hand. The eLearning package can then provide feedback guiding them with hints until they are competent enough to figure the rest out to get the to the end.

Meeting Learning Objectives

Every eLearning package must have learning objectives. These are end goals that the user should have learned by reaching the end of package. Also its important here to create a consistent flow of increasing difficulty. Such as creating scenarios that meet these objectives. Again if you think of computer games, the first few levels (at least) are extremely simple and can be used as tutorials for the more complex tasks ahead, giving the user confidence whilst drawing them into play more! You can do the same here whilst meeting learning objectives. Its important for it to not be extremely difficult from the start especially if you know the primary user base for this would be beginners to the subject. But also vise-versa, experts will quickly be put off covering old ground if there are no new challenges thrown in.

Locking Navigation

This is where the eLearning package maintains control to help guide the user throughout. This may sound contradictory when paired with the Pull Structure but what we mean here is to not let the user progress through their chosen path without first getting them to prove they understand what they just learned. Also here we’re providing a consistent rule throughout by allowing them to choose a path.

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