iCARE – meet the characters

The main character in the story in our iCARE project is our narrator, Mariatu Kamara. She lives in a rural village in Sierra Leone with her husband Ali, son Mohamed and daughter Yaema.


The Kamara’s live in a 3 roomed house with Ali’s parents and his brother’s family. In the room next to Mariatu, live Ali’s parents Osman and Fatmata:


And in the final room of the house, Mariatu’s brother-in-law Musa lives with his wife Fatu and their children Yousuf and Hassanatou.



The story also involves the family’s neighbours and close friends, the Bangura family. Kossi has been friends with Osman all their lives, and he lives in a house nearby with his wife Sallaymatu, their son Lamin, Lamin’s wife Kadiatu and their two children Amina and Idressa.


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