Blood Transfusion RLO

The transfusion RLO was introduced to decrease the failure rate seen by year 4 PCMD Medical Students and to refresh and update junior doctors knowledge and understanding; to what is required when dealing with transfusion patients and ordering blood. It was also considered that students having access to a reusable resource would aid learning throughout the course, but particularly at the beginning of the module.

The group put together a mass array of content that was required to be learnt by students, after gathering most of the content – it soon became apparent that having this large amount of instructional content in one RLO was unsuitable and it was concluded that students may struggle to focus and be overwhelmed in dealing with such a mass of information.

It was decided that breaking the RLO down into sequence areas and component elements would help students learnt more effectively.

So the RLO was broken down into 5 parts: Appropriate transfusion and patient blood management; Case Study: the appropriate ordering of blood; Sample Taking; Collecting Blood; Administration and transfusion reactions. Breaking the RLO down aloud users to learn and prepare for each section.

Part 1: Appropriate transfusion and patient blood management, was to reflect the learning of a patients’ transfusion needs. It contained various question types, which included drag and drop and true and false.

2015-05-07_12-05-58 2015-05-07_12-24-21

Part 2: Case Study: Appropriate ordering of blood, this was designed to have a fictional integrated patient which provided information that students could use to complete reconstructed paperwork that could be completed online.

Part 3: Sample Taking, also contained reconstructed online paperwork, videos and true and false questions

2015-05-07_12-08-10 2015-05-07_12-10-35

Part 4: Collecting Blood, this part was the embedded video, diagrams multiple questions that related to information that was required when collecting blood from the fridge, documentation that was required and how long should be left out for.

Part 5: Administration and transfusion reactions, was used to show illustrations of labels of blood, what information should be shown.

2015-05-07_12-09-40 2015-05-07_12-07-01

Each part collects data, for future reference of how each student has done with each part. Each part gives an opportunity for feedback about the resource and how it can be improved.


Within the time the RLO has been up, a collective of students and staff have used the RLO and amendments have been made in infection to staff and students input, all in readiness for the start of year 4 CSRC Oncology/Palliative Care pathway transfusion 2015.

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