Credit for social enterprise

Dr Su Maddock at Ashburton Arts Centre argues that social enterprise businesses help scale the divide between the large city investment model favoured by government where investors rejuvenate an area (realestate becoming affordable for redevelopment schemes as an example) and tacking social deprivation in smaller towns, as reported in her Western Morning News article today. Perhaps now is time for government to recognise the value they provide to communities, whether urban or rural to get people working together?

Network meetings for young adults not in education employment or training at 10am on 24 and 25 Oct 18

The YOUACE project team are holding focus groups in the University of Plymouth’s Fitzroy Building: 307 at 10am 24&25 October 2018. Young adults not in employment education or training are welcome to give their views including new ideas from social enterprise work in Plymouth. Refreshments available & some travel cost help from Erasmus plus UK-based research.

See you there…

Big thank you to Edmond

Big thank you to Edmond Davari for hosting the DBI Champions meeting in his Plymouth restaurant, Toot, the other week. Nice to get innovate business views across the Westcountry from Southwest Business Council, Plymouth City Council, PSEN, Dartington SSE, Plymouth Octopus, ODILS amongst others. Hope to catch-up in October.

Ensuring high value communities

Identity (in blue), experience (in red) and structure (in green) are key for defining high-value communities.

By ensuring you serve a community that will readily adopt your product, you can sustain your social enterprise (source MaRS Discovery District, 2018).

Useful for those joining PSEN and other SEN organisations or others learning at Plymouth University or elsewhere.