Alt-Ac Careers

By Dr Naomi Tyrrell Alt-Ac (alternative academic) careers offer researchers many great opportunities to utilise their knowledge, skills, and interests. About Naomi Dr Naomi Tyrrell is a Social Research Consultant at her company Research Your Way and is also a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University… Continue reading Alt-Ac Careers

Developing Your Online Presence

By Dr Naomi Tyrrell Being visible online is really important many careers these days, whether academic or alt-ac. There are always exceptions of course – people who build brilliant career with zero online presence but they are increasingly rare! You don’t need to be a prolific poster on social media or have a really fancy… Continue reading Developing Your Online Presence

The Power of Networking

By Dr Naomi Tyrrell Does the word networking make you cringe and wish you could hide in a corner or jump for joy at the opportunity to meet new people? Or maybe your reaction is somewhere in between! Networking isn’t complicated, it’s simply about having conversations with people. If you’re not sure where to start,… Continue reading The Power of Networking