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Plymouth University has set up a Global health collaborative which involves researchers and clinicians in the South West who have links to Global Health work. This includes partnerships, education, volunteering and research. Everyone there is an enthusiast. We have projects from Antartica to Uganda. The Global Health research element focuses on education projects such as Ebola health care workers safety training and chronic lung disease: prevention and treatment. The research projects are funded through industry, MRC, Wellcome Trust, DFID, Mayo Clinic and Horizon 2020. Our projects run in Uganda, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and Greece (remote mountain villages) and are likely to spread to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

At a forthcoming Global Health café on September 19th I will be leading a meeting on “Adventures in chronic lung disease in Africa – what is the scale and what can we do about it? (Clue- COPD is 3rd leading cause of death worldwide)” venue: JBB Meeting room 9, Time 1300-1350

The format of the café meeting is introduction, 10 minute presentation, 30 mins questions and networking.

If you interested in Global Health including education, research, partnerships, volunteering etc etc) please come along and meet others with similar interests.

For further info:

the Global Health collaborative

Research in Chronic lung disease

Global and remote Healthcare Masters programme


Rupert Jones is a Physician with special interest at Derriford Hospital chest clinic and Senior Clinical Research Fellow with the Community and Primary Care Research Group.

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