Creating and Facilitating Change for Person Centred Coordinated Care: The Organisational Change Tool – Jane Horrell and Helen Lloyd

Our ‘P3C’ programme of work has been set up to help address some of the problems health and social care services face when trying to improve the ways in which they deliver care. Our innovative approach aims to mobilise the flow of different types of knowledge to support services develop more efficient and person-centred care. This involves combining evidence from research, knowledge from developing areas of new care practice, and information from routinely-collected data such as audit data etc. to flow around and be used within a complex health and social care systems. This will help us understand what works and why it works. Feeding this back to help services develop their models creates a timely injection of insight back into the system.

To support this process we have developed a common evaluation approach with tools that help organisations capture how they are changing and what is working or not working. Our organisation change tool (OCT) was designed for this purpose and developed in partnership with patients and staff. It contains all the possible processes that organisations can implement to develop person centred coordinated care. It does this in reference to our framework of six core domains of P3C:

  • my goals,
  • care planning,
  • transitions,
  • decision making
  • information and communication and (vi) organisational support activities.

The P3C-OCT provides a coherent approach to monitoring progress and supporting practice development towards P3C. It can be used to generate a shared understanding of the core domains of P3C at a service delivery level, and support reorganisation of care for those with complex needs. The tool can reliably detect change over time, as demonstrated in a sample of 40 UK general practices. It is currently being used in four UK evaluations of new models of care and being further developed as a training tool for the delivery of P3C. We are excited that our paper has been accepted for publication in Health Expectations, and is the first of set of forthcoming papers from our P3C programme of work.

1 comment for “Creating and Facilitating Change for Person Centred Coordinated Care: The Organisational Change Tool – Jane Horrell and Helen Lloyd

  1. Mia Carroll
    January 21, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    I teach a post grad programme for health professionals working with people who live with long-term conditions.Fundam,ental to the course is their understanding of person centred collaborative care … which you name person centred coordinated care .
    I have really liked reading your work and wonder if you might be able to share the questionaries ?
    Look forward to hearing from you

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