An anti-submarine warfare version of the Beriev Be-200ES amphibious aircraft will be ordered by the Russian Navy by 2020.

According to the RIA Novosti news agency, the Russian Navy decided it is necessary to purchase an anti-submarine configuration of the Be-200ES amphibious aircraft by 2020, in order to search for, detect and destroy enemy submarines.

The new aircraft will replace the obsolete Be-12 turboprop-powered amphibious aircraft, the operational life of which is already expiring.

Although the Beriev Be-200ES was initially designed for firefighting, search and rescue operations, maritime patrol, cargo and passenger transportation, the Russian amphibious aircraft will eventually be modified and equipped to search for, detect and destroy submarines.

The Beriev Be-200ES is an amphibious, multipurpose aircraft, equipped with two Progress D-436 turbofan engines that produce 16,534 lbf each.

The aircraft is 32 meters in length, has a 32.8 meter wingspan and is 8.9 meters in height. Its empty weight is 27,600 kg, the maximum takeoff weight from the water surface is 37.9 tons, the maximum load capacity for water is 12 tons and the maximum load capacity for cargo is 7.5 tons.

Finally the Be-200ES can carry 44 passengers as a transportation aircraft.

The Russian aircraft has impressive capabilities and performance. It can reach a maximum speed of 700 km/h, a cruising speed of 560 km/h and maximum range of 2,100 km, while its ferrying range with an hour reserve is 3,300 km

In total 22 aircraft have been ordered, 15 Be-200ES from the Russian Ministry of Emergency, six from the Russian Ministry of Defence, and one from the Ministry of Emergencies in Azerbaijan.

The new aircraft will probably be called Be-300MP

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