The Hellenic Navy commissioned two more new PAPANIKOLIS-class (Type 214HN) submarines increasing its fleet to 11 old, modernized and newly built units.


The two new submarines, MATROZOS (S122) and KATSONIS (S123) were commissioned today on the 23rd of June during a ceremony attended by the President of the Hellenic Republic, the Minister of Defence and the Chief of the Hellenic Armed Forces, at the facilities of the Hellenic Shipyards in Skaramagkas.


The new Type 214HN submarines, MATROZOS (S122) and KATSONIS (S123), as well as the PAPANIKOLIS (S-120) and PIPINOS (S-121) were designed and developed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft.

The first submarine of the class, PAPANIKOLIS (S-120), was built in Germany, while the other three, PIPINOS (S-121) MATROZOS (S122) and KATSONIS (S123) were built in Greece under license by Hellenic Shipyards.


The submarines are equipped with a fuel cell AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system and sophisticated electronic and weapon systems.

Besides these submarines, the Hellenic Navy recently commissioned OCEANOS (S-118) submarine, which is the only Type 209/1200 boat that is equipped with a fuel cell AIP system.


The modernized OCEANOS-class submarine (the new type is called Type 209/1400AIP) is longer and has bigger displacement than the rest POSEIDON-class (Type 209/1200) submarines of the Hellenic Navy, because of the extra compartment that had to be added to the hull of the boat.


This compartment includes the fuel cell AIP system, that gives to the OCEANOS (S-118) submarine longer range and more mission endurance when it is submerged.

The four PAPANIKOLIS-class (Type 214HN) and the OCEANOS-class (Type 209/1400AIP) submarines consist the spearhead of the submarine fleet of the Hellenic Navy, supported by the 3 old Glavkos class (Type 209/1100) and 3 Poseidon class (Type 209/1200) submarines.


The future plans of the Hellenic Navy include the construction of two more Type 214HN the S 124 and the S 125 that will allow the removal from service of the 3 Glavkos-class (Type 209/1100) submarines.


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