According to General Hassan Karimpour, chief adviser to the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Iran has 14 underground missile bases, located at depths from 30 to 500 meters.

The Iranian ISNA news agency quoted General Karimpour as saying that the underground missile bases are equipped with everything necessary to operate effectively.

The bases were built so the ballistic missile forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps can respond to any missile attack launched against the Islamic republic of Iran.

The ballistic missiles protected inside these bases will be able to “carry out retaliatory strikes to all the important facilities in the aggressor country’s territory”, General Hassan Karimpour stressed.


The existence of these bases was revealed last October when the IRGC for the first time opened the doors to the local media of an underground military base, located at a depth of 500 meters.

According to the General 3,500 air defense systems are installed every 20 kilometers throughout Iran’s territory and “once this figure rises to 5,500, no aircraft will be able to attack Iran,” he added.

General Hassan Karimpour also noted that a Hermes 450 UAV was shot down in Iran’s airspace and fell near Natanz, where Iran maintains an important nuclear facility.

Image Sourced: The Independent

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