Turkey has deployed a radar-electronic warfare system close to the borders with Syria in order to jam and deceive hostile radar emitters.

The Turkish made system called KORAL was deployed at the Hattay province in south Turkey close to the area where the Turkish Air Force F-16’s shot down the Russian Su-24M bomber.

The Turkish system can jam any known land, sea and airborne based radar and analysts estimate that Ankara’s decision to deploy KORAL so close to the Syrian territory is related with the recent deployment of the new S-400 Triumf air defence system at the Russian air base in Latakia.

The Turkish system was designed and developed by Aselsan and includes two subsystems, the Radar Electronic Support System (R-ESS) and the multi Radar Electronic Attack System (R-EAS).

Both are installed on 8×8 military trucks each carrying an element of the system, allowing the operators of the system to move KORAL and deployed it quickly wherever there is an operational need.

The Radar Electronic Support System (R-ESS) of the KORAL electronic warfare system has a modular design with multi receiver architecture.

Its wide frequency and spatial coverage, coupled with high parameter measurement accuracy (RF, PRI, PW, DOA) allow to handle both traditional and emerging threats with an automatic idenfication of threats and a fast system response.

The system is able to operate within a dense and CW environment with a high precision direction finding and a high precision position fixing with multi-platforms.

KORAL Radar Electronic Attack System (R-EAS) also features a modular design, an integrated digital receiver, a technique generator and a digital RF memory architecture.

According to Turkish military sources the range of the Radar Electronic Attack System  is 100km.

The fast beam steering is generated via the phased array antenna system with a high output of power and multiple solid state amplifiers. The system covers a wide frequency and spatial coverage with high parameter measurement accuracy.

The KORAL Electronic Attack System (R-EAS) has multiple jamming and deception techniques and can handle both traditional and emerging threats with an automatic idenfication of threats and a fast system response.

Sourced: Aselsan, Army Recognition

Image Sourced: Aselsan

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