IDE New Hybrid Technology System for Defense Applications

Sourced : INTRACOM Defense Electronics In the frame of the policy of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense for creating energy-autonomous camps by using Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Sources, IDE (INTRACOM Defense Electronics) installed for evaluation, at a Hellenic Air Force base, the Hybrid System HG10K-10. The system is an innovative Hybrid Electric Power… Continue reading INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS : NEW HYBRID TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM FOR DEFENSE APPLICATIONS


INTRACOM Defense Electronics
INTRACOM Defense Electronics
INTRACOM Defense Electronics

Following the success stories of WiSPR vehicular inter-communication system in international markets (Finland, Germany, Lithuania), IDE (INTRACOM Defense Electronics) has recently conducted successful field trials for a variety of applications, and for different international costumers, in the field of tactical wireless communications.

WiWAN is an innovative Software Defined Radio IP radio system aiming to fulfill the requirements emergent from operations in the digital battlefield that cannot be supported from existing VHF radios.

WiWAN radio family is comprised of WiWAN-CP and Spart@n, which are broadband, IP-based tactical radiosystems capable of establishing secure and broadband communications networks at different levels of command in the contemporary theater of operations.

Both radiosystems incorporate common, innovative technological features with the main difference being the frequency of operation and the resulting operational profile of each radiosystem.

The most important common features are:

  • IP Networking in the tactical domain

IDE has developed WiWAN radio family, a tactical IP solution that integrates voice, data and video services into a unified network, reaping the benefits of the IP world and, at the same time, preserving reliability and high-performance traits of military communications.

  • Software-Defined-Radio (SDR)

WiWAN radiosystems are designed following a software-defined radio architecture providing an increased level of reconfigurability by incorporating software (SW) control of the radiosystem’s parameters. Channel bandwidth, frame duration and security aspects, as well as, other characteristics of the embedded waveform are user configurable and controlled by a user friendly MMI.

  • Broadband networking

WiWAN radiosystems, offering bit rates of several Megabits per second (Mbps), provide the hardware means to support network-centricity required in modern C4I systems. Broadband information flow between different levels of command is reinforced and can be delivered down to the lowest mobile echelons in order to enhance command and control operations.

  • Security

WiWAN radio family, owing to IDE’s extensive experience in cryptography, incorporates multiple levels of security and a number of advanced features in order to provide both Transmission Security (TranSec) and Communications Security (ComSec).

WiWAN CP - INTRACOM Defense Electronics
WiWAN CP – INTRACOM Defense Electronics

WiWAN-CP follows the core design of the WiWAN radio family incorporating all the aforementioned advantages and key technological features but specific transformations tailor the radiosystem’s performance to the operational profile of Brigade-Battalion communications. In this context, the radiosystem is selected to operate in the 1350-1525 MHz frequency band providing bit rates of up to 12 Mbps. It is deployed in fixed topologies under line of sight propagation conditions. WiWAN-CP offers multiple interfaces for the interconnection of LAN’s, sensors, and other subsystems

Spartan - INTRACOM Defense Electronics
Spartan – INTRACOM Defense Electronics

Spart@n, also, incorporates the advantages of the radio family already described and it is designed to operate in lower frequency, addressing the operational needs of the Battalion communications. The operating band is the 225-400 MHz and its differentiating characteristic is that it provides broadband communications on-the-move. With bit rates of up to 8 Mbps, Spart@n provides broadband and robust communications in a continuously changing network topology.

Software Defined Tactical Vehicular Intercom System
Software Defined Tactical Vehicular Intercom System

WiSPR (Wideband Intercom & Secure Packet Radio) is a state-of-the-art, fully programmable digital vehicle intercom system that incorporates a new philosophy in vehicle and inter-vehicle communication. The system forms a homogenous, robust, reliable and fully scalable voice and data communications platform, offering toll-quality voice for inter-vehicular communications, data information exchange services over standard physical interfaces as well as flexible control of external communications with interfaces to external tactical and public networks

The WISPR architecture requires no central unit and introduces an innovative decentralization mechanism of both control and switching operations, increasing system availability.

WiSPR WLCU wlan Secure Wireless Local Area Network
WiSPR WLCU wlan Secure Wireless Local Area Network

The embedded, leading-edge DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction), assures crystal clear audio in extremely noisy environments and guarantees the highest speech intelligibility, ensuring enhanced crew-member performance under extended combat conditions.  The WISPR novelties include the system’s inherent secure WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) together with autonomous portable units for personnel outside vehicles, providing high-speed wireless data and voice communications between vehicles and the dismounted soldiers.

Extensive system interfacing capability allows for WISPR to provide vehicle and field telephone connections, Voice over IP (VoIP) communications, access to public telephone lines (PSTN) for voice/data connectivity and integration with a wide range of data terminals, Battle Management Systems, Tactical Radios, Local Area Networks, sensors, as well as audio and video ancillaries.

iDefender - IDE Surveillance Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution
iDefender – IDE Surveillance Critical Infrastructure Protection Solution

iDEFENDER is an integrated “turn-key” solution for optimized surveillance and Critical Infrastructure Protection addressing the management and mitigation of physical security threats. Its openness can easily embody diversified user requirements.

iDEFENDER is a flexible and scalable C2 platform with incremental expansion capability. Several sensor technologies are integrated to detect, recognize, track and classify multiple moving threats from different areas of interest in the land and sea. Every sensor output is connected in the iDEFENDER platform and every threat becomes geo-referenced with its precise geographical coordinates. iDEFENDER incorporates the state-of-the-art in Command and Control technology and its main features are:

  • Integrated turn-key solution
  • Threat detection on land and sea surface
  • Early warning and notification, situational awareness, incident response and incident recovery
  • Detection of personnel, light vehicles, small boats and low flying platforms at short, medium and long ranges
  • Automatic threat classification without user intervention
  • Optimized sensor deployment based on End User custom requirements
  • High performance wide area surveillance for day and night reconnaissance operations
  • Modular design and ease of integration with different detection sensor technologies
  • Upgradeable and customizable based on user needs with minimal effort


Press Release, Koropi, Jan 18, 2016 IDE (INTRACOM Defense Electronics), the leading defense electronics and communications systems manufacturer in Greece, extends its cooperation with Raytheon by signing a new contract worth $ 63.4 million to manufacture subsystems for the PATRIOT air defense system. Deliveries are scheduled to be completed in March 2018. It is worth… Continue reading NEW 63.4 MILLION DOLLARS EXPORT CONTRACT TO INTRACOM DEFENSE ELECTRONICS FROM RAYTHEON


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