Invoice for payment – SharePoint link and compromised PDF

Phishing emails are regularly copying the appearance of legitimate file sharing services such as SharePoint or OneDrive. Below is an example we saw a while ago to show how an attacker might copy the format, but using a mix of…Read more →


Phishing via Compromised OneDrive

A recent trend in phishing attacks has been to use the victims OneDrive account to upload malicious content to, and then send out emails to contacts the victim has exchanged emails with before, and to use the same subject line,…Read more →


We have seen a number of different spam emails in a format mirroring that of many cloud sharing services, including OneDrive.  Below is a recent example:Read more →


Ransomware as a Service

For decades, cyber criminals have been developing malware with the main purpose of extorting money out of people and organisations. The latest development within this fast-growing scene is the arrival of ransomware as a service, or abbreviated as RaaS. Before…

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