Photographs by Jem Southam on exhibit in Berlin

© Jem Southam 2016

© Jem Southam 2016

Photography Exhibition: LONGING FOR LANDSCAPE

Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin

1 October – 1 December 2016

With the expansion of cities and industrialised agriculture, humankind is leaving ever more indelible signs of its existence on the planet’s surface – the anthropocene, the age of man has long begun.

The exhibition, Longing for Landscape – Photography in the Anthropocenefeatures contemporary photographs of landscapes that reflect upon the changes to our habitats and their perception.

The artists included in this exhibition include Olaf Otto Becker, Marcelo Fiuza, Constanze Flamme, Bernhard Fuchs, Lois Hechenblaikner, Sanna Kannisto, Milo Newman, Hans-Christian Schink, John Volynchook and Jem Southam.

Jem Southam, who is Professor of Photography at Plymouth University, makes images of the gradual urbanisation of village life in England, that is increasingly characterised by the decline of traditional agriculture and the advent of chemical farming.


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