Arts & Humanities Research for Radio Audiences – workshop on 23 March

The Arts Institute invites arts & humanities researchers at Plymouth University to the following workshop. If you are not based in these disciplines, or at Plymouth University, and wish to attend, please email to find out whether there are places available for you.

“Arts & Humanities Research for Radio Audiences”
by Dr Ed Baxter (Resonance FM)

Wednesday 23rd March, 12pm in RLB 206, Plymouth University

In this workshop, Ed Baxter will introduce Resonance FM and its mission; where arts and humanities research and researchers might fit into programming opportunities; what type of research might make good radio and what this might sound like; and how researchers might work with Resonance to make a programme based on or deriving from their research (including how to get started, the process and commitment required). Ed is also happy to talk through some of your own ideas. If you already think you are interested in working with Resonance or in public engagement via radio, please bring a 200 word ‘pitch’ with you to the workshop.

Resonance 104.4 FM is a London-based non-profit community radio station specialising in the arts run by the London Musicians’ Collective (LMC). The station is staffed by four permanent staff members, including its CEO Ed Baxter and over 300 volunteer technical and production staff. Noted for its policy of giving broadcasters free creative rein, it has been described by Time Out as “brilliantly eccentric”.

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