Professor Eduardo Miranda is a visiting scholar at Harvard University


Professor Eduardo Miranda is currently on a mission to the United States as a visiting scholar at Harvard University and invited speaker at MIT Media Lab.

He is working in the Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition (HUSEAC) on a new composition for choir and electronics, which is scheduled for premiere at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival in 2017. During the residency Prof Miranda is lecturing composition students at Harvard’s Music Department and is initiating a research project with Prof Hans Tutschku to develop computer-aided tools for musical composition with synthesised voice.

One of the highlights of Prof Miranda’s visit to Massachusetts so far is a talk on the future of Artificial Intelligence and Music, which he delivered at MIT Media Lab on 9 March 2016. In this talk he introduced the innovative developments on Brain-Computer Music Interfacing from Plymouth University’s ICCMR.

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