Call for Proposals: Routledge Book Series in ‘Material Readings in Early Modern Culture’

This series, edited by Professor James Daybell (University of Plymouth) and Professor Adam Smyth (Balliol College, University of Oxford), provides a forum for studies that consider the material forms of texts as part of an investigation into early modern English culture.

The editors invite proposals of a multi- or interdisciplinary nature, and particularly welcome proposals that combine archival research with an attention to the theoretical models that might illuminate the reading, writing, and making of texts, as well as projects that take innovative approaches to the study of material texts, both in terms the kinds of primary materials under investigation, and in terms of methodologies.

What are the questions that have yet to be asked about writing in its various possible embodied forms? Are there varieties of materiality that are critically neglected? How does form mediate and negotiate content? In what ways do the physical features of texts inform how they are read, interpreted and situated? Consideration will be given to both monographs and collections of essays.

To submit proposals, please contact James Daybell (, Adam Smyth ( or Michelle Salyga (

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