14th September 2017: Research Leadership in the Arts and Humanities

14th September 2017 | Babbage 406 | 9am-3pm

Research leadership is an increasingly important issue for humanities academics. Being a leader can mean actively shaping your field and your institution, growing grant income, developing new projects and research teams, and supporting the research aspirations of colleagues. This day-long workshop covers practical definitions of research leadership, how to become a leader at Plymouth, how to identify new leaders coming up through the ranks, information on research leadership grants with presentations by successful applicants, and chance to brainstorm ideas for new grants with R&I specialists. Feel free to come along for all or part of the day! Coffee and lunch provided.

Roberta Mock, James Daybell, Kathryn Gray, Katherine Williams & Bonnie Latimer, two successful grant holders: David Sergeant and John Matthews, and R&I funding team

Please RSVP to Bryony Edmondson


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