A new 2nd generation Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) was presented by Damen during the annual OPVs and Corvettes Asia Pacific conference in Singapore.

The new OPV is  highly efficient and versatile and it uses the Axe hull shape design which allows the vessel to achieve speeds up to 25/26 knots due to reduced water resistance. The new OPV demonstrates superior sea keeping, low heave accelerations and very low fuel efficiency.

The OPV of the Dutch company incorporate three new features. These are the Multi-Mission Bay (MM Bay) the Command-and-Control centre (C2 Centre) and the Multi-Mission Hangar (MM Hangar).

The MM Bay can be equipped with dedicated Mission Modules which could allow the OPV to participate in missions such as counter piracy, counter-drug operations, anti-mining warfare (AMW), search-and-rescue (SAR). Furthermore the MM Bay can be also equipped with a nine meters long RHIB), which can be launched over a dedicated slipway through the rear of the vessel at any time.

The Command and Control centre of the vessel or the Multi-Mission Bridge (MM Bridge) as Damen calls it, is located directly behind the bridge of the vessel. Both spaces can be divided by a sliding wall which allow to the captain of the vessel to lower the sliding wall during a mission.

The third innovation that the new OPV of Damen incorporated is the Multi-Mission Hangar (MM Hangar) which is capable of storing an 11-tonne NH-90 helicopter and a UAV.

The crew of the vessel can deploy either the helicopter or the UAV without having to move either one while within the hanger there is space for spare parts store and workshop for both the NH-90 and the UAV.

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