29 March 2017: Artistic Research Seminar on Painting & Performance

Please join us for the next PEP Talk, the seminar series of the Performance.Experience.Presence research group at Plymouth University. All welcome!

Papers on Painting & Performance by Jeremy Diggle & Helen Billinghurst

Wednesday 29th March, 4.30 – 6.00pm

Roland Levinsky Building RLB308, Plymouth University

Professor Jeremy Diggle:
“The Performance of Painting”

Jeremy Diggle is Honorary Professor of Painting & Performance in School of Humanities & Performing Arts at Plymouth University

Helen Billinghurst:
“Crossing the Gap: examining the boundary between art practice and everyday life, during illness, bereavement and immobility”

This paper tracks the trajectory of my research, as a walking artist with a studio painting practice, through the turning of the last year. I relate how, after my solo show in April, I noted dramatic changes in the dynamics of my working processes when I resumed walking during the early summer. I found that tropes and motifs, originally recorded as subtle forces during walks at the beginning of my PhD project, became remarkably more conspicuous during my most recent walks.

When I returned to work at the studio in my home during the winter, these motifs continued to increase in their potency, culminating in a new kind of drawing and making as I worked to respond to a period of debilitating illness and a family bereavement, which caused me to (re)examine the permeability of the borders between art practice and everyday life.

Helen Billinghurst is a PhD candidate in the School of Humanities & Performing Arts at Plymouth University.

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