Arts and Humanities research events this February

The following research events are taking place in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities this month. Please contact if you would like further information.

  • 13th February 2018, 4.30pm – 6pm, Scott, Room 105 ICCMR- Mr Jared Drayton- An Evolutionary Computing Approach to Singing Synthesis
  • 14th February 2018, 4.30pm – 6pm, Roland Levinsky, Room 303 Performance. Experience. Presence.-  Natalie Raven: “Mary Magdalene: From Sculpture to Performance”, Victor Ramirez Ladron De Guevara – title t.b.c.
  • 20th February 2018, 2pm, Rolle 015 Marcelo Gimenes (Plymouth) Interacting with computers and audiences
  • 21st February 2018, 1pm, Portland Square, Room B312 Transtechnology- Revisiting ideoplasticity: contingency, action, and imagination
  • 21st February 2018, 4.30pm – 6pm, Room tbc Moving Image Seminar
  • 21st February 2018, 3.30pm – 5pm, Babbage 406, English and Creative Writing- Briony Frost (University of Exeter): “Shakespeare and the ‘Absent’ Audience: Heard and Unheard Applause at the RSC and National Theatre Live. – Pascale Aebischer (University of Exeter): “Hamlet in Parts: theatre broadcast as live performance.”
  • 21st February 2018, 4pm, Room tbc History- Dr Emily Bridger (University of Exeter): ‘This anger now boils’: Emotions, Violence, and Memory in South Africa’s Liberation Struggle.
  • 28th February 2018, 3.30pm – 5pm, Scott, Room 102 Land/Water seminar- Kaz Rahman (Plymouth College of Art) – title t.b.c | Kaz Rahman is an artist and filmmaker whose style explores the intersection between Islamic artistic expression, the natural elements and contemporary culture. In this research presentation, he will present his visual art and film practice in relation to landscape.
  • 28th February 2018, 4.30pm – 6pm, Roland Levinsky, Room 303 Performance. Experience. Presence.- Sarah Chakmakchi: title t.b.c, Alex Cahill: “Boal in the Classroom: Using Theatre of the Oppressed to Inform the Training of Actors, Dancers, and Theatre Artists”

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