Flexible Thinking Test (FTT)

During the project, we developed five parallel forms of a Flexible Thinking Test designed to measure three aspects of creativity: Flexibility, Fluency, and Originality. This test was inspired by three measures (Fi, Fs and O) created by Hakastian & Cattell (1974) as part of their ‘Comprehensive Ability Battery’.

The original test could only be administered once, so we developed our test for longitudinal use. Statistical testing shows that the five forms are equivalent and can be used interchangeably, and repeatedly. Individuals’ first scores correlated with the Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults Index and also with subsequent FTT scores.

These findings are being prepared for publication

These tests are available for researchers to download use – please check back for an appropriate citation! To find out how to score these tests, please email jon.may@plymouth.ac.uk

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