Cornish Geothermal: Hello from Francesca Tirotto

I am Francesca Tirotto and I am from the wonderful island of Sardinia! I took my Master’s Degree in Psychology of Social and Work processes at the University of Cagliari (Italy). During my university experience, I developed a keen interest in the research topic of Environmental Psychology. This discipline focuses on the study of the relationship between people and their surroundings. In particular, my aim was to understand psychosocial processes underlying sustainable behaviours. As a PhD student on the geothermalRead more

Director’s Diary – July 2019

11 July Pseudotachylyte film screening Plymouth As part of a NERC-funded research project ‘Geological Record of Earthquakes in the Lower Crust’, principal investigator Luca Menegon (SoGEES) and co-investigator Iain Stewart worked filmmaker Heidi Morstang (Arts) to develop a documentary film based on the research team’s 2016 data collection campaign in Lofoten, northern Norway. The first informal viewing of Heidi’s full-length film will be screened in Jill Craigie Cinema. More details of the work can be found on the website. Friday 5Read more

Director’s Diary – June 2019

Saturday 29 June Devon’s Children’s University  University of Plymouth, Plymouth As Chancellor of Devon’s Children’s University, Iain will have the fun job of presenting children from local primary schools with their Children’s University badges at a special graduation ceremony held to celebrate their achievements alongside their friends and family. Wednesday 26 June Environment Platform Wales National Museum of Wales, Cardiff Iain joined researchers, policy makers and environmental professionals from across Wales to celebrate the official launch of a new policyRead more

George Monbiot – Rewilding and its place on the global development agenda

Don’t watch this video if you have (and wish to retain) a romantic attachment to the rural idyll of sheep grazing the upland pastures of Britain. George Monbiot informs us that the maintenance of swathes of upland areas as grassland keeps biodiversity to a minimum and leads them to resemble, in ecological terms, landscapes found in the tundra above the Arctic Circle. In contrast farmers in continental Europe have gradually retreated from the less fertile upland areas, which have reforestedRead more

Cornish Geothermal: Hello from Dr Nicola Langdon

Dydh da! Ow hanow yw Nicola and I’m a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Law, Criminology and Government with a background in International Relations. I have always been interested in issues of social justice, sustainability, as well as the power of language, which has led to a continued research focus on the relationship between the media, public and policy spheres. In 2018 I was awarded my PhD, with a thesis that examined the UK media’s moral framing of conflictRead more

Cornish Geothermal: Talking about United Downs research at EGU

Every year, Vienna in Austria hosts the second biggest meeting of geologists and geoscientists in the world, called the European Geoscience Union (or EGU) General Assembly. During the week of the 7th to 12th of April 2019, the meeting was a melting pot of over 16,000 scientists and researchers from 113 countries across Europe and the world and two of our researchers were lucky enough to go. Dr Hazel Gibson and Francesca Tirotto both presented some initial results at the meetingRead more