Trampling over the future

Over the years I have become used to hearing about yet another unethical corporate act, eg the inter-bank lending scandal (Libor) or Exxon lying to customers and shareholders about climate change. Knowing it can be a few individuals who rot the barrel, or economic system flaws that can force decision-makers to act without broader society in mind, I actively try not to condemn all companies because of the worst offenders. However, I have to admit being especially shocked on hearing of how Volkswagen (VW) fitted at least 11 million cars with a “defeat”Read more

Where the Environment meets Art

Sandra Masterson grew up in Brighton but currently lives and works France. Her interest in art and the environment goes back to her childhood; Sandra’s father was a gamekeeper and she first started work as a technician in a plant physiology and microbiology teaching laboratory in Brighton. She also spent a year working as a technician for the Milk Marketing Board at a cheese producing factory in Cannington Somerset before starting her career in the arts. Whilst working at theRead more

OPAL – explore nature, wherever you are, whoever you are

OPAL (OPen Air Laboratories) is a Lottery-funded citizen science project, led by Imperial College, London, which has been running since 2007. Plymouth University has been one of the OPAL partners from the very beginning. Activities were originally limited to England, but since 2014 we‘ve been working in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland too. OPAL exists to encourage people to get outside and start exploring their environment, while taking part in real scientific studies. Working locally, our participants help contribute toRead more