Artist: Anne-Marie Culhane

Anne-Marie Culhane is based in Devon and is an artist, activist and performer. She initiates, catalyses, designs and delivers creative and environmental arts projects, events and gatherings including residencies, commissions, activism, education and multidisciplinary projects, a number of which are long term projects with lasting legacies. She is committed to sustainability, collaboration, co-operation and action. She participated in a residency at the University of Exeter for the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World’s Soil Culture program and throughRead more

Top 10 sustainability TED talks

I enjoy watching TED talks. As part of our PhD and Early Career Researcher network, we used to have a regular event called, “TED talk and tea”. Before the event, everyone was asked to submit their own favourite sustainability TED talk. This was a great way to share a whole variety of sustainability topics, a great way to frame discussions and a great way to discover new ideas and perpectives. So, Kirsty and I wanted to share our top 10Read more

“Antibiotic resistance threatens mankind with the prospect of a return to the pre-antibiotic era.” (House of Lords report 1998)

The issues of the unsustainable use of antibiotics has rumbled along in the background for many years with academic report after academic report highlighting that overuse and misuse is causing ‘super-bug’ bacteria to develop which is treatment resistant. However the calls of alarm have just got clearer and louder with the WHO producing its first ever report on resistance to antibiotics earlier this year stating that the crisis is bigger and more dangerous that AIDS.  The topic just won theRead more

Artist: Rosanna Thorn-Lees

Rosanna Thorn-Lees from Gloucestershire graduated from Plymouth University in 2014 with a First Class BA Hons degree in Fine Art. She was awarded the Sustainability Fine Art Prize 2014 by the Institute for Sustainability Solutions Research (now the Sustainable Earth Institute) for her piece ‘Whitsand Bay Portrait’. We wanted to catch up with her and see how she is doing now. As an artist Rosanna wasn’t interested in chemically mass produced paints; the colours seemed garish and not sustainable. SheRead more

Trampling over the future

Over the years I have become used to hearing about yet another unethical corporate act, eg the inter-bank lending scandal (Libor) or Exxon lying to customers and shareholders about climate change. Knowing it can be a few individuals who rot the barrel, or economic system flaws that can force decision-makers to act without broader society in mind, I actively try not to condemn all companies because of the worst offenders. However, I have to admit being especially shocked on hearing of how Volkswagen (VW) fitted at least 11 million cars with a “defeat”Read more

Where the Environment meets Art

Sandra Masterson grew up in Brighton but currently lives and works France. Her interest in art and the environment goes back to her childhood; Sandra’s father was a gamekeeper and she first started work as a technician in a plant physiology and microbiology teaching laboratory in Brighton. She also spent a year working as a technician for the Milk Marketing Board at a cheese producing factory in Cannington Somerset before starting her career in the arts. Whilst working at theRead more