Hot Topic: Why communicate about Enhanced Geothermal Systems?

As a part of the research being done by the team here at the Sustainable Earth Institute about the Deep Geothermal project at United Downs, we think it is really important to share as much as we can what we are doing with anyone who is interested. With this in mind we are planning a series of short summaries that look at different aspects of our research, which we are calling ‘Hot Topics’! The first of these Hot Topics focusesRead more

Cornish Geothermal: Hello from Professor Iain Stewart

I went down to Cornwall once and they put me in a box. An air-tight box. In the Eden Project. For two days. Inside, researchers took the oxygen content down from 21% to 12%, and then waited to see if a glass container packed with high-photosynthesising plants could take in the carbon dioxide from my breathing and re-establish normal oxygen levels. It nearly worked – well, at least I lived – but the point is that being vitally dependent onRead more

Mike Barry – Marks and Spencer’s Plan A programme: translating science into meaningful action

At first glance, the food and clothing on offer in the aisles of Marks and Spencer give little indication of the company’s sustainability strategy. But look closer and some clues are revealed: the name of the farmer can be seen on the chicken he has supplied; the forks available to eat a take away salad are now wood rather than plastic; more meals using plant-based meat alternatives are on the shelves. These developments have their origins in Plan A, theRead more

Cornish Geothermal: A welcome from our team!

Hello, and welcome to the United Downs deep Geothermal Power project team here at the Sustainable Earth Institute (SEI). We are a diverse group of researchers from various backgrounds across the social and geo sciences, who have come together to ask some big questions about what it really means for geothermal power to be a part of our society. We are one of a partnership of organisations, including the commercial partner Geothermal Engineering Ltd, and the British Geological Survey. TheRead more

Polly Higgins – Ecocide: The Earth needs a Lawyer

It should come as no surprise that Polly Higgins presents in such an eloquent, passionate and engaging manner. Pursuing her instinct to stand up to injustice, Polly trained as a lawyer and practiced for some years “solving other people’s problems”. Then at the end of a long case she describes looking out the window at the Court of Appeal and thinking “The earth is being injured and harmed and nothing is being done about it” and “The earth is inRead more

Book review: An Air That Kills

Alan Ramage On behalf of Plymouth Green Book Club At the invitation of Professor Iain Stewart, I am opening this blog on behalf of Plymouth Green Book Club, which read Dr John Rieuwerts’s book “An Air That Kills” earlier this year. It is an important contribution to the public’s understanding of an issue which has rightly gained a high profile in Britain’s media. Dr John Rieuwerts lectures at the University of Plymouth and has very kindly agreed to contribute toRead more